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RankWyz Desktop Account Creator

Tue, 01 03, 2016 at 23:02 PM

update: RankWyz Desktop Account Creator 3.2

update: RankWyz Desktop Account Creator 3.1 : best practices for the best results

RankWyz Account Creator is a desktop application, that can be run on user's machine, create web2 and social bookmarking accounts and upload them to your projects.

Make Sure Java 8 is Installed

RankWyz Account Creator requires java 8 and will not run with older versions of java
You can check your version by running command "java -version" from command prompt

You can download or upgrade java by visiting java.com

Install and Start RankWyz Account Creator

  • download application, click here (windows) or click here (mac) to download 
  • unpack zip file to a new folder, for example C:/RankWyzACD
  • run rankwyz-account-creator.exe (windows)
  • login with your username and api key (can be found on your profile page)

Setup and Configure Account Creator

  • setup proxies
  • add captcha solving credentials
  • add and configure emails
  • select web2 and social bookmarking sites 

Create Project and Run Account Creator

  • enter usernames - one by line, spintax supported
  • enter password or leave blank for automatically generated
  • enter blog titles - one by line, spintax supported
  • enter taglines - one by line, spintax supported
  • save a project for a future use
  • select RankWyz Networks where accounts will be uploaded
  • click "Start" to run a process