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How to Increase Indexing of Your Web2 Blogs

Tue, 09 02, 2016 at 13:18 PM

One of the most common question RankWyz users ask is how to improve authority of Web2 blog network and specifically how to improve indexing. 

SEO has millions of sometimes contradicting theories, but nobody question old saying - "If it's not indexed, it doesn't count".

In the whole process of building blog networks - creating, posting content, building authority and using for link building all steps but "building authority" are pretty straightforward - and RankWyz members can use well setup process of building and monitoring big networks for SEO purposes. Building authority - is the step that requires good knowledge of SEO, experiments and, unfortunately, time. At the end good results will pay off - high authority SEO properties (blogs, accounts, profiles) is the essential for safe SEO. 

In my video I go in details through the process of getting web2 blogs indexed and ready for SEO work..